Code of Conduct


This Code of Business Conduct and Ethics contains general guidelines for conducting the business of ME-SG Group (the "Group") consistent with the highest standards of business ethics and is intended to qualify as a "code of ethics". The Company is dedicated to maintaining the highest integrity and standards of ethics. We will treat our employees, suppliers, shareholders and the community with honesty, dignity, fairness and respect. This Code applies to all the employees of the Company and other agents of the Company who provide services to the Company. We expect everyone to act responsibly and in accordance with the highest standards of personal and professional integrity in all aspects of their business activities and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and our policies.

National Interest

The Company is committed to benefit the economic development of the countries in which it operates. The Company shall undertake any project or activity to the detriment of the wider interests of the communities in which it operates. The Company's practices and business conduct shall benefit the country, localities and communities in which it operates, to the extent possible and affordable, and shall be in accordance with the laws of the land. The Company in the course of its business activities shall respect the culture, customs and traditions of each county and region in which it operates. It shall conform to trade procedures, including licensing, documentation and other necessary formalities as applicable.

Workplace free of Harresment

The Company is committed to providing a work environment free of unlawful harassment. Company policy prohibits sexual harassment and harassment based on pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, race, religious creed, colour, national origin or ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, age, sexual orientation or any other basis protected by local law or ordinance or regulation. All such harassment is unlawful.

Birbery and Corruption

The Directors and employees shall not be involved in bribery and corruption while conducting the Company's business. They are prohibited from offering or providing any undue pecuniary or other advantage for the purpose of obtaining, retaining, directing or securing any improper business advantage or for personal gain.

Corporate Communications

The Company commits itself to open, transparent, impartial and timely information to its shareholders, employees and other stakeholders. All the communications related to the group shall be handled by a person authorised by the Managing Director.

Outsider's Recourse

No outsiders will have any right or recourse to any action or claim of whatsoever nature against any of the Directors or employees for the non-compliance of this Code of Conduct.


Confidential information includes all non-public information, intellectual property rights such as trade secrets, business research, new products, new projects and plans, business strategies, customer, employee and suppliers lists and any unpublished financial or price sensitive information. Unauthorised use or distribution of proprietary and confidential information violates Company policy and could be illegal. Anyone found to be guilty of such unauthorized use may be liable for potential legal and disciplinary action. The obligation to protect the Company's proprietary and confidential information continues even after Directors and employees leave the Company. The Directors and employees must return all proprietary information in her / his possession upon leaving the Company. The Directors and employees should respect the rights of other competitors and their confidential information. They should not attempt to obtain a competitor's confidential information by improper means.

Customers, Suppliers & Stakeholders

The Company is committed to create value for each of its stakeholders. The Director and employees shall treat the Company customers, suppliers and stakeholders with respect and dignity. There should not be any coercive measures used while dealing with any of the stakeholders.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

To meet our responsibilities to employees, customers and investors the Company must maintain a healthy and productive work environment. Misusing controlled substances, or selling, manufacturing, distributing, possessing, using or being under the influence of illegal drugs and alcohol on the job is absolutely prohibited.

Review, Amendment and Modification

The Company recognizes that the circumstances in which we operate around the world are constantly changing and because of this we will periodically review this Code to ensure that its content and implementation remain effective. This Code of Conduct may be reviewed, amended, modified or waived by the Board of Directors as and when required or deemed necessary.