ME-SG Profile

The Middle-East Services Group (ME-SG) is a Value-driven enterprise. It comprises of privately owned entities, together, catering to the diverse needs of the Middle-East Service Industry.

Entities are incorporated via Shareholdings, Partnerships, Joint-Ventures, Joint Operating Agreements and Strategic Alliances.

ME-SG provides a legal and centralized corporate framework and represents entities in areas of business development, project management, service execution, and quality assurance.

Clients are assured of a standardized service level benchmarked to Global Best Practices across all ME-SG functions and avail the benefits of centralized communication, billing and project management.

Our Clients expect proven leadership, diverse expertise, extensive resources and financial stability; ME-SG considers this paramount and prides itself on successfully satisfying such Client needs, each time we undertake a project.

ME-SG is active across the Middle-east and well resourced to handle any challenging opportunity with ease.


Be a leading player in the marketplace driven by ardent leadership, professional diversity and customer-centric focus.


Uncompromisingly invest in success-driven individuals (People), business best practices (Processes) and advanced technical integration (Technology).


Operate with Integrity, Transparency and Discipline in fulfilling obligations towards Customers and Partners; Compassion towards the well-being and social upliftment of Employees and their families; Opportunities and Empowerment to Staff; and Passion for delivering the best Customer service.